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Latest Mods

Name Author TitleID Game Game Version Version Source
Super Mario Bros. Next Gimzie - Huseyin the Mighty - naknow - DarkComet - Explos - mariomaster1 - RicBent - Mikamusic - AM4 EUR - 000400000007AF00 USA - 000400000007AE00 JPN - 000040000007AD00 New Super Mario Bros 2 1.0 Halloween Special / Demo 3.0 gbatemp.net
Pokémon Neo X & Y Flintiex [Y] 0004000000055E00 & [X] 0004000000055D00 Pokémon X and Pokémon Y All Versions 1.4 projectpokemon.org
Monster Hunter Double Cross English UI Patch Team dasding 0004000000197100 Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross 1.2 v4 gbatemp.net
Super Luigi Maker AyanamiRei0 00040000001A0400 Super Mario Maker 1.04 1.0 gbatemp.net
Pokémon Wilting Y Buffel Saft 0004000000055E00 Pokémon Y 1.3 2.2 www.pokecommunity.com
M&L:SS Original GBA Soundtrack Restoration Shrinefox 00040000001b8f00 Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions 1.0 1.0 gbatemp.net
Animal Crossing: New Leaf CF-WW Music Pack Stjinchan (depends on the version) Animal Crossing: New Leaf All versions 1.1 gbatemp.net
Animal Crossing: New Leaf GCN Music Pack Jouzai (depends on the version) Animal Crossing: New Leaf All versions UPDATE 8/9/17 (2nd Update) gbatemp.net
New Super Mario Redux TRS 000400000007AE00 New Super Mario Bros. 2 All Demo 1 gbatemp.net
Cave Story 3DS-ware Aeon Genesis Translation 1ted59 000400000009b300 Cave Story All Final gbatemp.net